Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Polish Favorites

Today was the first time in months, like 8 of them, since I went to get a pedicure. Before that it was about a year. When I was pregnant with the twin I got them every week or every other. Before that, it was at least once a month. Now I have a hard time justifying spending the money and indulging myself for something I can do at home. Granted, I don't have a massage chair and pedicurist to massage my legs at home, but still. Pedicures have become a luxury for me.

Since I'm not spending much time at the nail salon, I've started accumulating more and more polishes. My two go to brands are OPI and Zoya. They both go on smoothly and cover well with two thin coats. I really want to love Essie because their colors are great, but I hate the way it goes on. I also like a little bit of sparkle in my polish, which Essie is severely lacking.

Zoya's spring lines are fabulous this year, and their summer colors look to be just as fun. If you aren't familiar with them, do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle next time you're at Ulta. The kids and I have used almost all of the spring colors, and love them. When I did my fingers in Hudson it lasted a week before it started chipping. My toes in Dillon lasted almost three weeks. I haven't tried out Cole yet, but I think a fun coral polish might need to make it's way into my collection.

What are your favorite polishes right now? Are there ones I'm missing out on and need to get?

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