Monday, April 20, 2015


The weather was beyond amazing on Friday and Saturday, so we made the most of our weekend, and spent a whole lot of time outside. Friday morning we got out and did some serious walking. Harrison, Brooke, and I did the longest walk we've ever done without the stroller. It was only around our neighborhood, but it probably equated to just over a mile. That's a lot for little legs. We mad a stop during our walk to check out the fish in the pond. H and B decided they needed to feed the fish grass. The fish weren't impressed, but the kids continued their lunch offerings for a good twenty minutes.

After naps the kids and I rounded up all of their sand toys, all being a couple buckets, shovels, and rakes, and we headed to a local pond with a walk in beach. They loved digging in the sand, and I loved working on my tan. About 20 minutes after we showed up a few other kids arrived in swim suits and then it was game over. Both kids were soaked and covered in sand. Next time I'll make sure to bring suits even if the water still feels like February.

Robbie brought home Jimmy Johns for dinner, and we ate dinner outside on the patio. We just purchased an outdoor dining set, and the kids want to eat outside all of the time. I do too, but them even more. We didn't get an umbrella for our table, but with how much time they want to spend out there, we may need to.

Saturday morning we had a few small errands to run, so the kids and I headed to the outdoor mall. I dot to enjoy a decaf iced latte, and they went to town on a couple of cake pops. I made the mistake of letting them have one a few weeks ago, and now they ask for them all the time. B likes to lick hers like a lollipop for 15 minutes before taking a bit. It drives me crazy. Take a bite of the cake, you're missing the best part!!!

After our errands it was off to the park for a quick run on the slides and swings, and then home for naps. After naps we went to mass with my parents and then the kids were off to Grandma and Grandpa's for a sleepover. After church I asked them if they were hungry. Brooke's response was, "I not hungry yet. I'll be hungry at Grandma and Grandpa's." Well all right then. Out of the house you go.

A couple of my best girl friends are having their wedding reception and recommitment ceremony this coming weekend, so we went out for a little ladies bachelorette action. Sushi, bowling, and a drag show. It was a seriously fun night, and I wish I wouldn't have had to take off early. Robbie and I had a 5am wake time on Sunday, so I had to call it a night around midnight. I heard there was cage dancing after I left. Bummer. ;)

Sunday morning we left the house by 5:45am and headed to Indy. Our egg retrieval went well, which I'll share more about tomorrow, and we were home with the kids by 1:30. Family nap time ensued, and then it was off to Target. I wasn't able to score any Lilly online, and I was hoping to maybe get one or two pieces in the store. No such luck. :( After we got the few things we needed, we went out for dinner and then it was home for bed.

I'm looking forward to many more weekends like this when we get to spend all of our time outside. Today it's cold and rainy, so if Spring could come back, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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