Wednesday, October 16, 2013

17 Months

Wow, 17 months already! This last month has been the most difficult month so far, but also the most fun. Having two toddlers full of personality and spunk is amazing, and draining. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I definitely find myself getting frustrated more often these days. All of the fun we're having makes up for it. Plus the snuggles, those definitely make up for any frustrations.

H and B have both started giving hugs and kisses when asked. Harrison's kisses are the most amazing open mouth slobber fests.  He comes at you with drool running down his chin and plants his open mouth over your lips. Brooke gives dainty, puckered lip kisses.  So sweet and girly.  They both give big bear hugs and like to snuggle.  Although, H likes to snuggle more often than B. Rob is a big snuggler and I'm not, so it's fitting that he is and she isn't.

B giving H kisses.

They've both been teething pretty much all month. Harrison has one molar that broke the skin this month. I expect his other three anytime. Brooke has been working on her canines, but none have come through yet. We've been using Motrin at night more often this month. It seems like we'll have 2 or 3 days in a row that we need it and then a few days off.

The biggest development in the vocabulary department comes in the form of animal noises. They have started making animal noises when the see an animal, hear us mention an animal or when we are reading books. Ducks, dogs, sheep and elephant noises are the ones we are hearing regularly. We also have a couple new words. Up and sock are two newbies we've started hearing regularly.

They are finally starting to get better about understanding that when I leave or walk out the door, I will be coming back.  Much fewer tears in that department.  They are still wary of strangers or people they don't see often. Poor Eric, my best friend's fiancĂ©, still gets greeted with tears. Boo has decided that when it comes time to lay down for naps or nighttime, I'm the only one that can do it. Not daddy. It has to be mommy. She's developed quite the mommy attachment, not that I mind.

They are still nursing 3 times a day and eating 3 meals and a snack. Brooke went through a really picky phase the first half of the month, but is finally back to eating more than cheese, cereal and fruit. Harrison is a champion eater and willing to try anything. 

There are some foods that it's become obvious one likes and the other doesn't. Harrison loves clementines. He'll eat two of them as a snack and keep asking for more. Brooke won't eat them at all. She puts them in her mouth and then as soon as she bites down she spits it out. Same thing with green beans. Brooke really likes grilled chicken. Harrison doesn't particularly care for it. One night I made grilled chicken and sautéed green beans in soy sauce. Harrison ate all the green beans and none of the chicken. Brooke ate all of the chicken and none of the green beans.

They are both making the transition into the next size up in clothing. They're too tall for 18 month onesies and almost too tall for 12-18 month tops. Their 18 and 12-18 month bottoms are almost too short, but still big in the waist and legs.  Thank goodness for diapers to hold up their pants.  It may be time to invest in some toddler belts. They have long torsos and short legs like me, I'm sorry kids, so they're even wearing some 2T tops just for length. I hope eventually they even out and get their dad's long legs too. They're in a size 6.5 shoe, which seems to be right on target for their age. I'm excited to go in for their check up next month and see where they officially are in the height and weight department.

They are still loving books. I'm pretty sure we read for a good couple hours each day when we have days at home. When we're in the van, they constantly want books to look at. They've stopped putting everything in their mouth as often, it still happens occasionally, so we're started coloring a little more often. We've been taking advantage of the cooler temps and getting outside more. Walks, park trips, playing in the yard. I'm trying to make sure we soak up all of the outdoors before it's too cold. 

Next month they'll be 18 month olds. That's crazy talk! Is it weird that I'm thinking about getting them a 18 month birthday gift, because I totally am? Maybe it should just wait till Christmas.  

Happy 17 months, Harrison and Brooke!

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