Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Walking Dead Premiere Party

There's one week left until the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead. We are having a small premiere party and I'm so excited! I started looking for ideas a couple months ago, and I was seriously grossed out by some of the food ideas I found. I don't know about you, but I have no desire to eat something that looks like a severed digit covered in blood. So, while Pinterest proved helpful for dessert and drink ideas, I was on my own for food. 


Hershel's Farm Salad
A tossed Salad with lots of fresh veggies. The way they would have had it on the farm.
Glen's Special Delivery
Glen was a pizza delivery guy before the zombie apocalypse. We'll be serving homemade pizza in his honor.
Squirrel Skewers
A Darryl specialty. Chicken kabobs.
Flesh Free Cheeseball
A zombified way of saying a vegetarian cheeseball. 
Graveyard Dirt Cups
Similar to the cupcakes above.  It's how we honor the deceased. We bury our dead, and then eat them.
Marshmallow Brain Cubes
Rice Crispie Treats with red food coloring look kind of like brains. The only grossish looking thing we'll be serving.

We'll be serving zombie punch similar to the one pictured above. It will of course be served with a side of vodka for those who wish to drink it up. Hoplanta and Georgia Brown are both featured beers in The Walking Dead, the governor serves them at his party. However, living in Indiana means we can't get those brews around here.  We can get Three Floyds Zombie Dust though. We will be drinking it next Sunday along with a few other fun brews. I really want to make Zombie Punch, the tiki drink, but the ingredients list is ridiculous. I don't even think I can get some of the ingredients at the liquor stores around here. Where's a Binny's when you need one?

Since we're on the topic of food, foodie fans of TWD must visit this blog. I'm happy to know I can still eat well even after the zombie apocalypse.

I'm so excited! Only a week left. 7 days. 175 hours. 10500 minutes. Not that I'm counting or anything. Is anyone else having a premiere party?


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