Friday, October 25, 2013


After our less than successful trip to the pumpkin patch, we were on the look out for good carving pumpkins. Last Monday we went apple picking, and wouldn't you know, the orchard we frequent has pick your own pumpkins. The kids chilled in the wagon while I went out with the vine cutters and picked four nice carving pumpkins with great stems. We will definitely be getting our pumpkins from the orchard again next year. The price was great and I really love their grounds.

Fast forward to yesterday, and we finally got around to cutting these bad boys. We didn't carve pumpkins with the kids last year, so this was their first go round. Little did I know, it was also Rob's first time getting in and doing the carving.  We have always put uncarved pumpkins on our porch in previous years, and he informed me yesterday that his dad always did all the knife work while they were growing up. I gave him a little direction on cutting the top at an angle, and then he went to work. 

We gave the kids each a spoon and let them help us dig out the insides. They were very hesitant to touch the insides, but eventually they put on their brave faces and touched the goo. As a FYI, the temps here have been below freezing at night, so our pumpkins were a bit frozen inside. It made the guts much less slimy. I'll definitely be remembering that for future years.

 Even Tyson wanted to get in and help.

Once were were done with the first two pumpkins, we took a break to clean up a little bit and the kids and I finished off my Caramel Apple Spice. I tried letting them take turns drinking from the cup, but that resulted in tears. Paper straws to the rescue. Enter adorable photo of them sharing. You can still see the tears on Harrison's face.

I knew I wanted to paint a pumpkin with them and had in mind black paint with "Happy Halloween" and then their doodlings around the letters. I should have known better. We wound up painting the entire pumpkin black. I am going to pick up some glow in the dark acrylic paint from Michael's today and paint on our now black pumpkin. I have never used glow in the dark paint before, so I have no idea how this will turn out.  I'm cautiously optimistic.  

Rob's and my carving skills light up for display. I'm sure you can guess which one is his.  He did an awesome job.

I bought one of those pumpkin shaving kits and thought we'd give that a go for our last pumpkin. After breakfast this morning the kids and I got to work. They were much more willing to get in and help out this morning. After we cleaned out the guts, I got to carving while they emptied the junk drawer.

Our bat turned out pretty well, but when I tried lighting it with a regular votive, it barely glowed. I carved out more from the inside, and on the outside without much improvement. I'm going to pick up a larger candle and maybe a battery operated light. If this sucker doesn't glow more, this will be the last year we do pumpkin shaving. Does anyone who's done this before have any advice?

We still have our black pumpkin and these two little guys I spray painted to finish up. I'm hoping to get them all done after work tonight. Even though we have all the pumpkins we need, I'm hoping the weather will be nice enough that we can make it out to another pumpkin patch or two this weekend for a hayride and corn maze. Why can't all of these things be at the same farm?

Less than a week until Halloween and I'm still working on our costumes. I officially gave up on sewing part of the kids costumes. Sewing patterns are like a foreign language to me. Baste this and interface that. Does Ikea make sewing patterns? Those I could probably work with. I just need a clear diagram and numbered steps. 

I have pants ordered that will be here on Tuesday that I will need to bleach and dye. I'm feeling a bit more confident that their costumes will turn out, I've dyed fabric before with good results, but a last minute Target run is still very much a possibility. Is anyone else still putting the finishing touches on theirs, or their kid's costumes?

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