Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Weekend

The kids and I had to go into work for a little bit on Friday evening to close up shop, so our weekend started at 6pm on Friday. We had some Chipotle and a salted caramel pumpkin concrete mixer from Culver's once we got home.  Harrison decided he was all about my corn salsa and stuck his hands in the container.  He then ate salsa piece by piece until it was gone.  This was after finishing his quesadilla and an entire cup of guacamole.  

We watched the last 15 minutes of Cinderella while we ate our concrete mixer, it was delish by the way, and then it was time for baths. While they were in the tub, I was picking up their toys and thinking, "It's great that they're old enough now that I can pick up their things while their in the tub." I can hear them playing and check in every minute or two and know they're fine. 

I went to check in on them and imediately saw that one of them had committed the ultimate bath time crime.  I had to get both of them out of the tub and into the tub in the master. For some reason they hate being in our tub, so tears and screaming began and it became a race to see if I could get them clean before one of them climbed out of the tub. Thankfully we all survived and after a bath in bleach, so did their bath toys.  Time for a beer for mommy. 

This was the last weekend to get out and do fall things, so I planned a trip to the corn maze and a stop for hayrides on Saturday. We made the 30 minute trek to the first farm to do the corn maze.  When checking times on Facebook I must have got the the two farms confused, and we showed up an hour early.  We went into the little town nearby and found a diner to have lunch.  It was the perfect way to pass time and the food was pretty good. When we were done it was almost noon and time to get back for some corn maze fun. 

It was really cold and windy on Saturday so they were all bundled up in winter coats and hats. I just layered on my Under Armor since I'm not ready to break out my winter coat just yet.  The corn blocked most of the wind and it was really enjoyable in the maze.  H and B were running around having a grand time. I was so glad we decided to do this.  

Then we made it to the back corner of the maze and both kids gave up on life.  They refused to walk anymore. B laid down in the dirt and would not stand up. We were about 10 minutes, a third of the way through the maze, so going forward wasn't an option. I tried giving them both a few minutes and then walking back. Nope.  They still wouldn't walk. I picked them both up and started carrying them back. We found a little spot to sneak out of the maze that gave us a straight walk back to the van. Unfortunately it was in tall grass right next to a busy road and the van was at least 100 yards away. 

We had to stop on our walk back, carrying two 25lb toddlers is a workout, to rest my arms, but we made it back no worse for wear.  The kiddos both passed out on the way home which then equated to no real naps on Saturday.  Thankfully the lack of naps didn't turn them into little monsters for the afternoon. 

We went to Hilger's for hayrides and the kids loved running around.  There were hay mazes, wood mazes, a corn maze that was much more their speed (I wish I would have know about the 2 minute corn maze before our morning outing). 

While we were waiting on the tractor to get back, I went into the barn to get us a cookie and some hot cider.  It was then that I realized I lost my cash. I checked the van, retraced my steps, nothing. We ran to Target, about a 15 minute drive, to pick up a couple things and get cash. We made it back just before they closed, but we missed the last hayride for the night and the owner then informed me that they take credit cards. This is where I smacked myself upside the head for wasting our afternoon for no reason. 

At this point I was over Saturday. We got home and I started to warm up broccoli quinoa bites for the kids' dinner. This is when the microwave started smoking and gave up on life.  I had to get the kids and the dogs out of the house and open up all the windows to air things out. I have been holding onto our microwave from our last house, and now I know why. I was able to plug it in and still get the kids hot food without leaving the house again. We played in the garage until bath time and thankfully the house had aired out by then. Saturday was a clusterfuck, but we all survived and Sunday was a new day. 

We started the morning with Hilger's round 2. It wasn't nearly as wind as Saturday and Rob and Aunt Kim got to join us.  

The kids couldn't have cared less about the hayride.  They did have fun running around and playing in all the mazes again though. It turns out someone picked up the $20 bill I dropped and turned it into the farm owners.  I was truly amazed.  Sunday was definitely off to a better start than Saturday.  

We went out for Indian buffet after the farm and Rob snapped this adorable picture. These two kill me. They're so sweet!

Successful naps were followed by football and eating our cookie from Hilger's. Check out Brooke's awesome mullet. 

Our team lost, but we got to hang out with our awesome cousins, and I got to feel Baby Blake rolling around in his mama's belly. So amazing! We had wings and fries from our favorite wing joint and finished the night with The Walking Dead.  Another great episode that has me super excited for next week. 

It was a great weekend, even with the craziness of Saturday.  I hope you all had a great weekend too. Hopefully with none of the craziness ours included.  

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