Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

When I write the weekend recap posts, I often wonder how we fit so much stuff into our weekends, really into one day. We don't want daddy to miss out on everything, so we save it all for Sunday. This weekend was a busy as any I can remember. We had lots of fun, but I think I need a long nap to catch up from it all.

On Friday, the kids and I did decide to make one last trip to the zoo. I realized on the way to the zoo that I forgot the stroller in the garage, but I was too lazy to turn around and go back for it.  Forget that we were only two minutes from the house. By the time I turned around, loaded the stroller and accounted for extra drive time, that's 6 minutes I wouldn't get back. (Completely irrational thinking now that I'm writing it out) I decided we would rent a wagon at the zoo instead. The kids LOVED it. No fussing to get in and out of the stroller per usual.  They were happy to chill in the wagon and look around while they ate their berries and Chex.

The highlight of the day was definitely feeding the giraffes. They weren't interested in eating lettuce when we were there on Wednesday, so I was glad to see they were today.  While trying to snap the perfect picture of Harry feeding the giraffes, I remembered, "Oh gee, I can take video on my phone, may I should do that." So I did.

I did wind up getting a decent picture too. 

After the zoo we met the kids' godmother for Chipotle and a Target trip. Being the amazing mama that I am, insert sarcasm here, I hadn't changed their diapers since they woke up and got dressed.  Brooke wet through her diaper, her onesie and her jeans while we were at Chipotle. Awesome. Our Target trip was now a Target trip sans pants.  Thankfully they're still young enough we can get away with that. Note to self: Pack an extra pair of pants along with the extra onesies for in the van. 

Friday evening was spent at home, as was Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon we joined my parents for mass and then headed to their house for dinner. The kids got their first piece of gooey butter cake, and they were in love. Harrison cried when it was all gone. It's ok little buddy, I love my sweets too. 

Sunday was busy, busy all day. I was up early so I could steam the floors before the kids woke up. Rob was out of the house before the kiddos got up so he could go golfing. When H and B did wake up, we had breakfast and then spent the morning watching Game Day Morning and getting things ready for The Walking Dead Party. They napped during most of the football game and woke up just in time to watch the Steelers get their first win of the season. It's about damn time. 

After getting rained out the last two weekends and having work get in the way on Thursday, we finally made it to the pumpkin patch. Too bad their pumpkin selection was terrible. There were no good pumpkins for carving. Is it too much to ask for a pumpkin with a nice stem that stands up on its own and has a round, blemish free face? There was not a one. We did get a few nice gourds and small pumpkins for decoration, but we're still on the hunt for good carving pumpkins.  We also got quite a few nice pictures.

They loved riding in the wagon and Harrison really wanted to pull it. He couldn't do it on his own which resulted in screaming and crying. It's tough being a toddler.

Sunday evening was The Walking Dead premiere. Our premiere party was fun.  Good food, great show, awesome people. I'll be posting all about it later in the week, as well as round two of pumpkin picking. I hope everyone's weekend was as fun as ours, although maybe a bit more relaxed. 

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