Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm linking up with AprilChristinaNatasha and Darci for 5 on Friday again this week.  Time for a little randomness.

One • The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo closes for the season this Sunday.  We have had so much fun going to the zoo on an almost weekly, and occasionally bi-weekly, basis.  We definitely got our money's worth out of our membership.  We already have next years membership purchased, and I can't wait until opening day. We went for the last time on Wednesday, with my mom, and the kids had a grand time.  I may have had even more fun than them. Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe we'll go again today and squeeze in one more trip.

Two • My parents are headed on a month long cross county trip to visit my siblings. Color me green with envy.  I wish we could tag along. My mom is our usual sitter, so this means my week days are now 100% committed to the kiddos.  No hair cuts, massages, kid free shopping trips, etc. for the next month, unless I can manage to squeeze it in during the .3 seconds Rob gets off during the week. 

Three • Rob started a new position within the same dealer group he works for this week. We're hoping this equates to less 11pm nights and more than the aforementioned .3 seconds he gets off each week.  Although if yesterday was any indication, I'm not optimistic.  He got called in on his afternoon off :(

Four • Layla, the kids and I went into our vet yesterday to discuss her care.  I'm happy to say that our vet thinks we should be able to get her weaned off at least one of her medications.  We have already cut her phenobarbital dose.  I'm optimistic this will work and we'll get our crazy girl back.  As much as her craziness often drives me bonkers, I miss her usual shenanigans and I could totally do without her new ones.  

Five • I may have a slight major obsession with the movie "Pitch Perfect." I don't own it, which is a miracle, but every time it's on TV, which is daily, I watch it. HBO had it in their rotation first and now Cinemax has it in theirs. I think I may have been suffering from withdrawal for the few weeks it wasn't on everyday.  Rob finally saw it all the way through the other day, and now I think he likes it almost as much as I do.  I came home from running a few errands the other day to find him watching it. BUSTED!

Make sure to stop over and see what the other ladies have for their 5 today.  Have a great weekend everyone! I'm so excited for TWD, I can barely contain myself.


  1. Pitch Perfect is one of my favorites!! I pretty much always have their soundtrack (especially the cup song) running in my head!

    1. I catch myself singing songs from the movie all the time too! Not that I mind. :)